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A little about what we do.

Health Checks

Get a comprehensive overview of your individual giving program to understand how you’re currently performing, and where you could focus on improving.

Warm Appeals

Improve your mail performance with focussed donor targeting and structured ask strategies. Conduct tests to refine your targeting beyond the basics of RFV.

Survey Analysis

Go beyond just understanding the responses rates for your survey questions. Segment responses to understand more about key donor cohorts. Finally understand what donors are saying in their free form responses.


Understand your income potential for your regular givers over the next 12-60 months.


Understand how your donors are tracking on a month to month basis. Monthly reporting that allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your Fundraising program.

Bequest Analysis

Undestand who your bequesters are and how to identify others. Get a real understanding of your current confirmed bequesters future value, and when it will likely be realised.


The data collective was born from the notion that fundraising practices can only improve if we collectively work together to each do our part.

We believe in a sector where suppliers and charities alike have a responsibility to better manage donor relationships.

We operate by the following guiding principles.

  • Two heads are better than one

    We believe in a collaborative approach to work. We don’t believe we have all the right questions or answers. We believe that by working together we can find the right questions, and work towards answering them in a data led and evidence based manner.

  • Do one thing, and do it well

    We are not copywriters or designers and won’t offer to provide those services. We stick to what we know and that is data.

  • Learn from others

    We believe in celebrating the successes, but we also believe in sharing our mistakes. When we share these mistakes with others they can learn from us, and hopefully us from them at some point too.

  • Mutuality

    We’re all for winning, but not at the expense of our clients. We strive to create win-win relationships. If we start a job but don’t believe it will give you the outcome you’re after, we’ll let you know early so you can choose to stop early or continue to pursue and confirm the outcome.

  • Lets

Our team

The team is small, but very capable.

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson


Lives in Brisbane, Australia

Dan has spent the majority of his career working with data across a range of clients in both the commercial and not-for-profit sector. He’s great at telling stories with data and providing rich insight into how to leverage it for success.

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